Why you should build a business image library

In life and business today, images are part of every communication. Unique and high-quality images are a proven way to stand out from the crowd. They increase audience engagement, increase online search performance, improve the potential for public relations coverage and enhance the understanding of your brand. Also, because the vast majority of the images we consume are online, we can choose whatever image format best tells the story.

Planning your library

There are four key aspects to consider when choosing the subject matter of your image library:
  • What we do – products, services, installation, delivery, customer support, locations?
  • What we represent – how we want our brand represented. This concerns both the style of the business and also the expectations we set around how we make customers feel
  • Our people – who do we want to be known and how do we want them to be shown?
  • What will the images be used for?

By answering these questions, your business will be in a great place to prioritise what’s most important. This is an essential step in developing a brief. The best photographers can help you create a plan that will deliver the best results that match your budget. This will enable you to work progressively towards a library that suits your business needs. They will help you to work out where the images should be captured and at what time of day. They’ll help you get it all done in the shortest amount of time and with the least disruption to you and others within the business.

Still Photography

Still photography is great for portraits, products, places and details. Stills capture a moment in time in ways that are incredibly powerful. Stills are easy to use in websites, email, social media and printed materials.


Video imagery is highly effective for telling stories. It achieves nearly double the online engagement of still photography on web pages, landing pages and social media.


The strength of time-lapse is its ability to package a long story that would otherwise be uninterested or difficult to tell. It’s particularly useful for construction, manufacturing and events that occur over time.

Aerial Drone

Drone imaging has made aerial photography and video affordable. Where a helicopter and crew were once required, a drone flight can be achieved in a much shorter time-frame and with far less impact. It is most often used for both still and video imaging. In addition, GPS technology has made it possible to create time-lapse from a drone by capturing still images from the same GPS coordinates over time.

It is important to know that commercial drone operation is still governed by CASA as aircraft are. So, it’s important to deal with properly licenced operators.

Your image

A library of professional quality images is a valuable resource. It unleashes your business image across a wide range of internal and external communications. When you have access to high quality images in a range of formats, you’re always ready for every communication to represent your brand at its best.

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