Images for Business Appointed to NSW Government Services Panel: SCM2701

The NSW Government has appointed Images for Business to the Services Panel SCM2701 – for photography, video and post-production services.

The scheme allows all NSW Government entities to select suitable pre-qualified partners to supply a wide range of Advertising and Digital Communications Services. Images for Business has been chosen specifically for its expertise and capabilities in Still Photography and Video Production Services.

The applicable project scope covers projects of all sizes. It enables any NSW Government entity to select Images for Business for all still photography and video production projects. The procurement pre-qualification of the company means there is only a need to obtain a quote or quotes, depending on the project budget.

The significant advantage is the streamlined access to top-tier still image photography and video services it affords to all NSW Government entities.

Images for Business services include:

  • High-resolution studio and location photography and video production
  • Aerial drone photography and video
  • 360-degree interactive imaging
  • Pre-production planning
  • Post-production editing
  • Video titles and graphics
  • Paged content and fast turnaround for digital and broadcast news media content

Images for Business’s appointment to the panel is, in effect, an endorsement of its capabilities as a premier provider of imaging services to the NSW Government.

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