Delivering a big news story: Rozelle Interchange opening

Rozelle Interchange, Sydney

The opening of Rozelle Interchange, including the Iron Cove Link, marked the final stage of WestConnex.


Images for Business has been involved with WestConnex (Australia’s largest underground road infrastructure project) for several years across the M4, NorthConnex, M8 and M4-M8 Link. Transurban once again engaged Images for Business as a trusted partner to document Rozelle Interchange opening on Sunday, 26th November 2023. It’s a great example of client collaboration, teamwork, imaging excellence, and rapid delivery, enabling Transurban to tell its best story.


With the first cars expected through at 5am, the Images for Business team was there in the early morning hours, capturing the final preparations, including the unveiling of signs and ensuring cameras were set up and ready to go when the Interchange officially opened.


The images and video footage were required for immediate release, given they were due to appear on news outlets and in official communications that day. This included on-the-ground stills and video, including car-mounted cameras, time-lapse sequences, and drone footage.

Edits were turned around and ready for stakeholders to review the same morning. In conjunction with swift approvals from Transurban, the footage was delivered in time for news outlets to use and for official communications.


The result? Fantastic coverage of the milestone event that was picked up by all news outlets that day and a very pleased client.


The key factor to success in the case of Rozelle Interchange was vigilant planning in all stages of production. The focus areas for this project included:


  • Logistics planning and crew
    Ample crew members were deployed to ensure all required angles and vantage points were covered for the milestone event and that editing deadlines could be met. Once feedback was received from the client, Images for Business was ready to share the final edits immediately so the media could utilise the footage and official communications were released.
  • Maintaining the pace
    Ensuring the team can constantly deliver over 24 hours is crucial to openings like Rozelle Interchange. A significant amount of prep work was needed in the lead-up, with different times, locations and tasks allocated to the team members throughout the opening.
    Final preparations in the Motorway Control Room, inspections by Transurban in the tunnels and the unveiling of signs were captured from 8:30pm the night prior. Everybody was in place, with cameras rolling and the drone in the air for the 5am opening on Sunday, the 26th. Schedules and planning ensure quality footage will be captured, deadlines are met, and the crew are looked after.
  • Aerial drone experience
    Using drones in public places often requires various approvals. An Images for Business point of difference is that we have blanket permission to operate in the R405A and R405B restricted areas, meaning we can fly a drone over most parts of Sydney Harbour without seeking approval from CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority), eliminating an added layer of approvals while saving time and costs. This is possible because of our track record – compliance with safety checks, flying safely and following the rules.
  • Safety
    With abundant experience in the construction and transport industry, Images for Business always has its “safety hat” on while shooting and editing. Knowing what footage will pass safety checks saves time during editing and the client review and approval process. From recognising PPE requirements and proper manual handling techniques and procedures to understanding where to safely shoot from and when to move out of the way or use remote capture, the team once again successfully navigated all safety aspects to produce unique content that news outlets were eager to use.

Rozelle Interchange Tunnel Rozelle Interchange Tunnel hours before opening

“Shooting the official opening of Rozelle Interchange provided a challenge that the team was excited to deliver. We were particularly thrilled with the drone footage captured, as it provided a unique view of the project and visually communicated the scale of Rozelle Interchange. Our vast experience in the business imaging space streamlines external and client approvals and enables tight deadlines to be met.”

Toby Shain, General Manager, Images for Business.

Motorway Control Centre

WestConnex Motorway Control centre

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