Infrastructure and Construction

Images for business possess a rare depth of infrastructure and construction experience across government, private sector and joint venture projects. Our experience spans the unique demands of creating images in these environments along with the unique safety and operational requirements of every business.

Industrial and Mining

Images for Business is ready and able to create value-adding visual content in every corner of the country. Images add value to internal communication, PR packages, shareholder collateral, advertising and much more. Our experience in safety and operational compliance mitigates risk and make us easier to deal with.


Transportation is a vast and continually evolving sector within the Australian economy. From public transport, to roads, traffic and delivery services. Transport makes for compelling and newsworthy visual content. They are often ideal subject matter to combine multiple imaging formats such as stills, aerial drone and video.


The beauty of built environments including buildings, renovations, historical restorations and outdoor landscapes are worthy of documentation. Great images can add genuine economic value to projects.


From corporate portraits to website content, annual reports and advertising. Images for Business provides all formats of photo imaging to bring your business, it’s people, products and services to life.


The preservation and modernisation of Australia’s architectural heritage is a specialised industry that involves the documentation of heritage values and communication of the results of reformative projects. Images for Business has a wealth of experience in telling these stories and showcasing project details.