Our Services.

Time-lapse, aerial drone, video & stills.

End-to-End Imaging Solutions for Business

Images for Business provides a complete image creation service for business. Our extensive team of in-house and on-demand imaging professionals cover every need. From pre-production planning to image capture in every format, and a host of post-production services.

Still Photography

Still images have a unique ability to capture moments in time in exquisite detail. A perfectly crafted still image unlocks details, objects, shapes and tones that are missed by the casual observer or less accomplished photographer. This fact elevates high-quality professional images from simply snaps of a subject, to visually interesting images that engage the attention of your audience. Great pictures get attention, earn clicks and most importantly, represent the subject matter in the best possible light.


The magic of time-lapse is how it can compress long-term change into entertaining short films and clips. Some parts of the project move along quickly, while others can be slow. Well planned time-lapse imagery can be tuned to communicate every period of time at exactly the right pace for the audience. From construction, to events and manufacturing processes, time-lapse is a powerful communication format.


High quality video footage is now a must-have for business. Online video content is now voraciously consumed by consumers and business customers alike. It is a major factor in website search performance, which is a business value driver. When well planned and executed, video can be highly entertaining and informative.

Aerial & Drone

Aerial images provide a unique viewpoint and add a layer of perspective to your content. It can visually describe the scale of a project and place it in the context of the surrounding environment. With aerial video, the movement in the point of view can add energy and excitement to the image content. Today, the use of drones makes aerial imaging affordable within many project budgets. Images for Business holds CASA accredited certifications for the business and our pilots (ReOC and RePL).


Setting up your imaging project for success is part of the Images for Business service. We’ll help design the most cost-effective solutions to deliver the results you need. Plus, we help with budget planning.

Every project includes a thorough production plan that includes timelines, responsibilities and deliverables, so every business stakeholder can have full confidence in the project result.


Post-production services result in high quality, ready to use still images and motion sequences. From editing and image grading to titles and graphics. We add polish and brand consistency to every production.