The value of industry knowledge in high-risk environments


Infrastructure, construction, mining and manufacturing are complex industries with workplaces that contain many unique challenges and dangers. It’s a place where professionals who understand the landscape are highly valuable partners.

The opportunity

Still, video, time-lapse and aerial drone images are the foundation of content for any brand or project. Images tell stories and engage people with your brand, across websites, PR, corporate communications and all promotional content.



The risks

Infrastructure, construction, mining and manufacturing are high-risk operating environments. Each is required to abide by specific industry safety protocols and strict processes that are designed and governed by the business. Furthermore, everyone that operates in the environment must be qualified in accordance with these rules.

As all businesses know, particularly those that have a responsibility for workplace safety, certifications are just the beginning. Nothing replaces on-site experience for reducing safety risks on site.

Operating challenges

The complex work environments require managed workplace control. Construction and mining sites present a series of operational variables such as weather, which require management and constant attention to detail.

When an external supplier comes onto site, risks are elevated by the extra demands they can place on those required to manage processes and safety compliance. So, the last thing site managers need is inexperienced people distracting them from their main job.

The solution

Businesses operating in infrastructure, construction, mining and manufacturing are bound by regulation to only have people on site with the appropriate qualifications such as:

  • Construction Industry White Card
  • Yellow Card
  • Working at heights
  • EWP Boom

Beyond these qualifications is the sixth sense that comes from experience. These are the people you need to have around.


At the end of the day, achieving the best possible results without incident is the main aim. In imaging, creativity and technical excellence are needed to produce the best results. Results that represent the brand, project or process in the most compelling way to customers, shareholders, management and staff.


About Images for Business

Images for Business exists to visually inspire people through perfectly crafted visual content.

We are an established leader in the creation of imaging content for business across still, motion, time-lapse and aerial drone imagery. Our experience in infrastructure, construction, mining and manufacturing is renowned. This is backed by every safety certification required for any project, along with a depth of on-site operating experience.

Images for Business offers quality, creativity and solutions, with an easy to deal with approach and results that add financial value to our client’s businesses.

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