How photography and video can supercharge public relations


The world of influence marketing continues to grow in sophistication. PR and communications professionals know only too well that media releases are no longer as effective as they once were. Today’s ideal is the production of ready-to-run content that facilitates journalistic investigation and storytelling.

Helping journalists to do their job more efficiently delivers the greatest gift of all – time. It’s true of non-commercial broadcasters, commercial news organisations and freelance bloggers alike. Therefore, the role of business and government is to make it easy for the journalist to tell stories and for publishers to publish.

Which brings us to images. Nothing illustrates content and tells stories better. Whether it’s still, video or time-lapse. Each plays its own role in bringing stories to life through every media channel. 

Let’s take the example of Sydney Light Rail. Projects have included the Inner West Light Rail and the current construction of the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail by the ALTRAC consortium for Transport for NSW. At every stage, images tell the story.


Documenting the projects through images has included:

  • Project announcements
  • Community consultation
  • Construction progress
  • Heritage documentation
  • Project results
  • Promotion of public utility benefits

Still images, time-lapse and video images have been used by the consortium and government as packaged content for media across all channels. It’s a process that ensures that the highest quality images are available to media for use in stories. And it’s a process that best enables PR and communications teams to achieve the levels of exposure they and their businesses seek.




About Images for Business

Images for Business exists to visually inspire people through perfectly crafted visual content. We are commercial photographers that specialise in still, motion and time-lapse photography for businesses.

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