Sydney Light Rail

Going the Distance

Image above: The Sydney Light Rail has transformed public transport infrastructure for Sydney’s Eastern suburbs for generations to come. Images for Business documented its entire development.


We live and work in a place where good things happen often. As a society, we continuously find ways to advance. Ways to improve the ways we live and work, and to keep pace with our growing population.

Architecture, urban renewal, public infrastructure and the advances made in industry all provide examples of change, renewal and betterment.

At Images for Business, we have been fortunate to cover countless projects that have benefitted our urban environments and way of life. Many of these are massive long term infrastructure projects that come to life over time. Others have been important or historic places that have a story that evolves across decades.


The Abbey, Annandale, NSW

The restoration of The Abbey in Annandale has breathed new life into the historical and architecturally significant landmark. Images for Business has documented its life over eight years.


Thinking about this has highlighted the investments that occur beyond the projects themselves. In our case, we have been deeply embedded in the visual documentation of some inspiring projects.

We believe that this is a crucial point to not only highlight but to advocate. We believe that significant moments in time should be recorded. They should be documented with a degree of quality that helps us to celebrate them now and to reflect on their eminence in years to come.

The significance of big moments can be public, corporate or personal. We often know at the time when an event carries multi-generational significance. But equally, we often underestimate the value of current stories to future generations.

What we are advocating for is the visual documentation of our places, people, events, projects and achievements. To do so as a record of our time – your time and your contribution.

At Images for Business, our purpose is to visually inspire. And our mission is to create inspiring images that help our clients to add value to their businesses. It’s a purpose and mission of which we are immensely proud.


Historic Wynyard escalators artwork

The Wynyard Station Upgrade and Barangaroo Walkway have increased the safe capacity of one of Sydney’s busiest stations to be the first part of the transport solution for Sydney’s newest CBD addition. Images for Business captured every element of the development and documented its historical artefacts.


North Shore Sydney House by Architect David Tory

Images for Business has documented a series of renovations to this home of architectural significance in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. Designed by Architect David Tory and documented by Images for Business over 12 years.


Winder Controls

Winder Controls makes equipment that is central to the operation of many Australian mines. The long-term documentation of their equipment in use by Images for Business has transformed their marketing and sales communications.