Michelle Simmons, Australian of the Year 2018

People at Work Tell the Story of Your Brand

Throughout time, some of the most remarkable and memorable images are of people at work. From classic photographs of workers on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Michael Amendola’s famous portrait of Fred Hollows at work in Vietnam.

These pictures connect with people because they are telling stories. We can’t help but be interested in what they are doing and why they are doing it. It’s why images of people at work are such a powerful way for businesses to tell their brand stories.



People at work is at the heart of some very well-known advertising for this very reason. Think Bunnings, McDonalds, and AAMI. Each of these brands chooses to feature their people in advertising because they are the people that their customers connect with.

While the idea is compelling, capturing still photographs and videos of people who really capture the story requires rare skills. A search of Google or any image library for ‘people at work’ usually returns boring and cliched images of people sitting in a meeting or smiling at the camera. To tell the real story requires candid observation and the technical skill to place the people in a situation and moment.


Images for Business is passionate about creating images of people at work. Along with all the photos, videos, and time-lapse sequences we create every day, it’s pictures of people at work that often feature prominently within the imaging projects for our construction, enterprise, and government clients.

Showing your people doing what they do does so much to illustrate how your business gets the job done. It gives your audience an easy way to relate to your brand. Pictures of people at work complete the story of your brand that nothing else can.

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