Inspiring images: the fuel for project return on investment


Australia is in the midst of an infrastructure and construction boom, driven by population growth. Gaining positive publicity and attention within the volume of activity is becoming harder. High quality imaging content provides a compelling, simple and relatively low-cost solution.

The opportunity

Infrastructure and commercial projects are high value investments for governments, developers, project owners and investors. Building stakeholder value is critical to the return on investment. High quality images are inspiring. They can communicate aspects such as architectural beauty, utility, capacity, progress and results. They can be used in communications, PR, online and printed materials. All up, the opportunity and risk on project return makes high quality images a must have investment.

Telling the story

From design stage to project conclusion and results, there are always great stories to tell. Stories of the project’s purpose can engage internal and generate community interest and ownership. Design stories can be shown to align with the project purpose and community values. Documenting the construction process can maintain interest. While communicating the form and utility of the finished result can enhance asset value.

Images for everywhere

Today, we are surrounded by screens that can display still and moving images. Social media is ever present in our lives and news media is always hungry for imaging content. Business and their partners own communication channels like their website, social pages and contact databases. There is no shortage of platforms for the use of images.

Images for all purposes

The best imaging businesses today have the ability to capture images across, still, video and time-lapse formats from every point of view, including aerial drones. The possibilities for inspiring content are virtually endless. Each can be used in different channels and for different communication purposes. Together, well-constructed image productions that include multiple imaging formats engage people like no other form of communication.

Getting started

As in all industries, the best work comes from highly skilled people in well-resourced businesses. Planning is critical as is the ability of your partner to capture what the business is aiming to achieve and devise a strategy for realising that within your project budget.

While the creative ability and quality of images is central to the result. It is wise to pay attention to industry experience, corporate structure, corporate administration capability and safety compliance. These additional aspects are a big part of ensuring the supplier is able to provide insightful input to the imaging assignment. That they are easy to deal with, can operate with a minimum of supervision and can comply with the safety and administration standard of your business.


Images for Business exists to visually inspire people through perfectly crafted visual content.

We are an established leader in the creation of imaging content for business across still, motion, time-lapse and aerial drone imagery. Our experience in infrastructure, construction, mining and manufacturing is renowned. This is backed by every safety certification required for any project, along with a depth of on-site operating experience.

Images for Business offers quality, creativity and solutions, with an easy to deal with approach and results that add financial value to our client’s businesses.