Ideas for using images in corporate offices

At Images for Business, we’ve gained much experience over the years, helping our clients to use physical display images within their offices. Some of this work has resulted from projects for them while others have been a specific display image project.

This article shares some insights and ideas about how images can build your brand with clients and staff.

Tell your brand story

The story of what your business does, and the results achieved can often be described in a single image. Images of your product or service in action, or what your product or service has resulted in, really tells an engaging story.

One of Images for Business’ clients is Transurban. The foyer of their Eastern Distributor offices includes a pair of large format display images of the Motorway. The images form a seamless part of the interior décor and provide a powerful reminder to clients, partners and staff of the great work they do.

Another client is the Alto Group, one of Australia’s leading car retailer groups with brands such as Audi, Toyota, Land Rover, and Hyundai – and too many others to list here. Images for Business has produced a range of photographs of their dealership assets that are displayed within their Corporate Boardroom and the dealerships themselves. It exhibits pride in their company and the brands they represent to their staff, supplier brands and customers.


Celebrate where you are

Local area marketing is a powerful communication tool. Brands exist within places and do so over time. Even national and global brands can use locality to create a feeling of local relevance.

Images for Business delivered a project to North Sydney Council to recreate a historical Holtermann Panoramic image that was first captured in 1870. The panorama was photographed at the Shore School in North Sydney. The image spans a 270-degree view of the Sydney CBD and western harbour and was created from a series of composite images. The result is a modern replica of historical panorama that it is displayed with.

The photograph clearly shows both the changes and preservation that have occurred over the past 140-plus years. Beyond the interest in the image itself, the panorama communicates North Sydney Council’s role, over time, in a vital part of Sydney.