Construction Manufacturing – WestConnex Time-Lapse and Video Case Study

WestConnex has employed off-site manufacturing for the construction of elevated roadway support components. Like many advanced infrastructure and construction projects, WestConnex has chosen pre-fabricated manufacturing to answer the ever-increasing demands for higher levels of quality, efficiency and on-time project delivery. 

WestConnex is a key part of Sydney’s integrated transport plan. It is Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project, creating 10,000 jobs and providing clear economic benefits to Sydney and NSW. It aims to ease congestion, better connect Sydney communities, and enable reliable trips for people, business and freight.


Compelling Visual Communication

Images for Business was chosen as the partner to visually document all aspects of project construction including off-site manufacturing. WestConnex required packaged content for a variety of communications to all project stakeholders.

Visual content offers fascinating insight into the manufacturing process and scale. It clearly demonstrates the increased speed and efficiency that coordinated component level manufacturing brings.

For the manufacturing process, WestConnex has chosen to use a mix of packed Time-Lapse and Video content. Using these two formats together as a single production provides compelling communication for future road users, employees and commercial partners.

Time-Lapse, by definition, compresses time. It can transform what would otherwise be long and tedious processes into bite sized chunks of interesting content. It also enables very clear communication of progress that can go unnoticed by the casual observer.

Video, by comparison, provides detail that isn’t visible in Time-Lapse. It can show short moments of time that communicate important movements or operator skills – things that need to be seen to complete the story.

Time-Lapse and Video are very complimentary formats because both are viewed as video content in the final production. The benefits of both formats are realised in a way that adds to the impact of both.

The content within the video link above was captured by Images for Business in just one day. The content was then edited in agreement with WestConnex and packaged into the finished piece with titles and audio.


Safety and Compliance

Like all construction projects, operating effectively within a safety compliant workplace is a must. It requires clear communication, safety qualifications, experience and specialised equipment.

Images for Business excels in this environment by engaging with the project leadership, completing full site inductions and operating under a harmonised Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Beyond safety, the aim is to work with site managers to eliminate any potential project disruption, all while planning the production and capturing images of outstanding quality, interest and communication merit.



Packaging Time-Lapse and Video content together within a single production delivers visually exciting and compelling content.  WestConnex is a prime example.


Images for Business exists to visually inspire people through perfectly crafted visual content.

We are an established leader in the creation of imaging content for business across still, motion, time-lapse and aerial drone imagery. Our experience in infrastructure, construction, mining and manufacturing is renowned. This is backed by every safety certification required for any project, along with a depth of on-site operating experience.

Images for Business offers quality, creativity and solutions, with an easy to deal with approach and results that add financial value to our client’s businesses.