The revival of community spaces at Brighton Memorial Park and Ador Park

The upgraded facilities at Brighton Memorial Park and Ador Park will impress and provide enjoyment to the local community for years to come. Delivered by Transport for NSW, the new recreation facilities were completed between 2020 and 2022, providing enhanced community spaces before construction started on the M6 Stage 1.

The finished works of extraordinary quality include a large new all-abilities playground, a state-of-the-art skate park at Ador Park, and a FIFA accredited playing field at McCarthy Reserve. There’s also a war memorial at Brighton Memorial Playing fields, FIFA accredited playing field, landscaping, and an impressive playground. New amenities, including change rooms, canteens, public amenities, and upgraded car parks with increased capacity, are present in both locations.


The FIFA-accredited playing field at Brighton Memorial Park. Click on the image above to take a digital tour.


The impressive all-abilities playground at Ador Park

Images for Business was awarded the project following a tender. The documentation required a range of imaging services, including time-lapse and still photography, videography, drone and, notably, 360-degree imagery and 360-degree aerial shots used to create virtual tours of the spaces.

Milestone events were documented while construction was still underway, requiring Images for Business to be project and site inducted. Images For Business experience on tier 1 construction sites played a key role in their successful tender bid. The resulting images captured were used in press releases for key stakeholders and as an update for the wider community.

Documenting the finished works also made up a significant aspect of the project. This required the team to be nimble and responsive, as the local community had already started to use the facilities. The images were used for official communications, including press releases and for the public to promote the project’s completion.

Transport for NSW was particularly impressed with the 360-degree imagery and video used to create digital tours. It allows the viewer to interact with the content and virtually “look” around the space. They can be complex to set up but are well worth it – they’re a fantastic way to showcase completed areas and are a truly immersive and interactive experience. The ability to zoom in on various parts of the scene makes the viewer feel like they are present. In addition to the 360 degree images – aerials, 2D stills and video were placed within the tour.

Unforeseen delays in the project schedule required Images for Business to work creatively, so the facilities could be showcased before they were completed. It was a significant creative challenge that was achieved with great client satisfaction.

What was particularly special about working on the M6 Community Recreation Spaces was seeing the communal spaces come together and, most importantly, used and enjoyed by the local community. It was an incredibly motivating experience and one that we were honoured to be part of.

The outcome of this project was a huge success. Reflecting on the quality of the results achieved, Images for Business delivered images that enhanced official communication and demonstrated the quality of the project to stakeholders. Through the lens of the community, the images and footage were successful in informing and engaging the community about the beautification and new facilities in their local area.

“What an incredible project to document! From hearing about the hand-sculpted sandstone creatures to watching a FIFA-accredited football pitch being constructed right before our eyes  – it was so rewarding to see it all come to life.  Toby Shain – General Manager


Ador Park Skate Park


                                                     Click on the image above to take a digital tour of  Ador Park                                                                 

Transport for NSW and Images for Business acknowledge the Gweagal, Bidjigal and Gadigal Clans, who are the traditional custodians of the land in Bayside Council.

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