The upgraded Wynyard Station: Photo and imaging content

The recently upgraded Wynyard Station is a large and important public infrastructure and construction project that has dramatically improved the transport experience for city travellers.

Wynyard is Sydney’s third busiest station. Wynyard Station upgrade has increased station capacity to 150,000 people per per day and has provided an improved gateway to Barangaroo and Sydney’s financial district. The project has established Wynyard station as modern Australian rail benchmark for comfort, safety and efficiency.

The Wynyard Station upgrade project was delivered by Novo Rail, an alliance of Transport for NSW in partnership with Aurecon, Laing O’Rourke and RCR Infrastructure O’Donnell Griffin.

Images for Business was brought on board to provide high-quality visual content of the three key project initiatives – platform upgrades, concourse redevelopment and the replacement of the historic escalators leading to York Street.

Images. Everything in every way for every purpose

The Images for Business task was the creation of high quality photo and imaging content for a variety of purposes:

  • Document aspects of the project for NSW’s historical and archival records
  • Produce construction project images
  • Promote the project progress and outcomes
  • Communicate changes to customers
  • Amplify the value of the work delivered



Achieving excellence in every aspect of the project brief required a complete approach to image creation:

  • Time-lapse photography and time-lapse video captured the platform upgrade, concourse development, the removal of the old wooden escalators and the installation of the new escalators
  • Professional quality video recorded specific important moments throughout the project for promotion and archival records
  • Professional quality still photography captured project details and moments in time with a focus on detail, promotion and historical significance.



Every large infrastructure and construction project brings with it a range of operational and logistical challenges that require high quality solutions. For Wynyard, these included:

  • Live rail. The Wynyard Station upgrade project was completed without disruption to regular services. There were many safety and WH&S governance considerations and project rules that had to be adhered to.
  • Power and wireless data was not available to several of the fixed time-lapse camera locations
  • Access to fixed cameras for image download, battery changes and maintenance often had to be completed in the middle of the night when the trains were not running



High-quality time lapse photography is a process of capturing still images at predetermined intervals that are then edited into a video. The effect is a stunning visualisation of a long process in a short and interesting video. Images for Business uses professional grade D-SLR cameras mounted in a protective case with remote software control of camera settings, camera monitoring, maintenance alerts and image data download. This approach ensures the highest quality images and reliability.

Time-lapse images of the Wynyard project have been used for websites, App, blog, social media, publicity and archival records by the Novo Rail Alliance.


Wynyard Station Redevelopment Time-lapse Images for Business from Images for Business on Vimeo.



HD video was captured at specific planned times throughout the project to document and promote significant milestones and events. Professional grade video cameras are used to capture the highest quality video suitable for broadcast and online in applications such as publicity, websites and archival documentation.



Still images are unique in their ability to capture a moment in time in the finest detail. The highly skilled professional photographers at Images for Business have developed an eye for the details others miss, particularly within the visual confusion of a construction project. The results are not just visual records of events, but beautiful creative images of everything from the mechanical workings of the historic escalators to new architectural details and project events. Still images of the Wynyard project have been used media releases, social media, project promotion and archival purposes. They can even be used as artworks, from a small framed print to large scale outdoor installations.


Infrastructure and construction insight

The infrastructure and construction experience that Images for Business brought to the Wynyard Station upgrade project provided several important areas of value to the Novo Rail Alliance.

  • The highest quality images that come from the know-how and special eye for the unique visual challenges and opportunities that exist in infrastructure and construction projects
  • Experience in dealing with multiple stakeholders on major projects – knowing how to get things done in a complex environment
  • Clear, direct, open and only-as-needed communication with project owners and site managers – a focus on safety and self-sufficiency so people are not disrupted
  • WH&S rail compliance certification and full site induction to ensure full compliance and minimisation of risks



Today, Wynyard project images provide a rich visual documentation of the project that underlines its benefit to the people of NSW and its historical significance.

The content created has been used on TV news, newspapers, magazines, promotional content, websites, social media, apps and is on display at Novo Rail offices.


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