The Importance of Crafted Images in Annual Reports

The annual report is an obligatory communication to an organisation’s immediate and interested stakeholders. Whether a public company or not for profit and/or non-government organisation the most recent history of the organisation’s performance is recorded in accord with specified regulatory reporting requirements.

Originally the carrier of rudimentary sets of financial accounts financial reports now give organisations the ability to communicate rather than merely record their activities. In so doing they have the very real ability to reinforce and add to the value and power of their brands.

The Utility of an Image in an Annual Report

Crafted images are a particularly accessible element of an annual report. Whilst complex financial data requires a specialised knowledge to be understood, photographs do not and the reader will easily determine a reference from images seen.

Photographs can be rhetorical. Unlike the financial data contained in an annual report photographs are not subject to regulation nor audit or other review. They therefore represent a freedom in how an organisation may represent itself and its brand. Photographs in annual reports can even be viewed as symbols and metaphors shared between the organisation and the reader.

Across a period of time photographs in an annual report will also enable themes and trends to be identified within the organisation’s changing political and economic setting.

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