Creating images and solving problems

A leader in Australian commercial photo imaging, Images for Business is recognised for its rare combination of experience, expertise, staff, technology and process. Our “fire in the belly” is the creative passion that energises the team and drives the business forward.

This means we have the capacity and capability to meet the unique demands of major corporations, Government and joint venture organisations.

Building our business with scale has allowed us to stay on the leading edge of technological innovation. Together with our trusted partners, we can scale up as required for large projects or provide cost-efficient solutions for smaller ones while delivering the best imaging quality and project efficiency to our clients.


Our approach

In every business, there’s nothing like having the support you need. Help you can rely on to get the job done on time, on budget and with the best results.

For 30 years, we have delivered on these principles, and we continue to do so every day.

  • We listen, learn and understand, ensuring we know what matters most to make your project a success.
  • We are reliable. We work hard to deliver. We earn your trust and keep it.
  • We are problem solvers. We work out how to execute and deliver the images to make your project shine.
  • We adapt to the unique needs that some companies require, like Government and big businesses.
  • We can scale our team up or down, depending on the scope of your project. When working on a big project, we draw on the talented and reliable freelancers on our books, including video editors, retouchers, video and time-lapse specialists, camera operators and still photographers that we use regularly. They are well equipped with the appropriate safety and experience for a wide variety of work.
  • We add value by providing creative ideas, problem-solving ideas, and advice on achieving what you want in the most efficient way.

To learn more watch our video “The Images for Business Approach to Achieving Great Results and Satisfied Clients”.


The Images for Business Team

Founded by director Chris Shain, Images for Business was established to bring together creativity, multi-format imaging, enterprise-grade operational capability and outstanding customer experiences. We have several CASA licensed drone pilots, making our service offering well rounded. Read on for a little more on our talented and highly capable team, employed permanently.


Toby Shain – General Manager, Time-Lapse Specialist and DoP/Cinematographer

Whether it is a multi-year time-lapse project or a simple corporate video, Toby adds a reliable and fresh approach to Images for Business’ motion productions. Toby has over 20 years of experience across multiple creative professions, including time-lapse photography and post-production, cinematography and music composition. He is also a sought after and experienced professional voice over artist. In addition to his versatile skill set, Toby’s passion and enthusiasm in managing Images for Business’ client base make him an integral cog in the Images for the Business machine.

Read more about Toby here, or view his LinkedIn profile.


Simon Anders, Senior Photographer

With over 15 years of photographic experience, Simon is well versed in the challenging task of crafting an image. He has extensive expertise in interior and exterior architectural photography, corporate portraiture, conference and event coverage, and industrial, infrastructure and construction photography. Most importantly, Simon is a truly passionate, creative individual who constantly seeks to capture the best possible images.

Read more about Simon here, or view his LinkedIn profile.


Virginia Moir, Studio Manager

Through her 15 + years career within the creative industry, Virginia brings a wealth of experience to her role as Studio Manager. She has an extensive understanding of the many aspects involved in bringing a creative project together for a successful outcome, making her ideal to help manage the broad range of projects we undertake.
Read more about Gin here, or view her LinkedIn profile.


Chris Shain, Director & Photographer

Chris is one of Australia’s leading and respected commercial photographers with over 40 years of industry experience. His experience is vast, and he has worked with a wide range of people, from Prime Ministers, CEOs, artists, musicians and construction workers, right through to the marginalised in society with pro bono work. He is a respected tertiary lecturer and media commentator on significant photography industry issues and is a regular guest speaker at Australian photographic and imaging conferences and international photography congresses.
Read more about Chris here, or view his LinkedIn profile.


Connor O’Shea, Studio Assistant

Images for Business is excited to welcome Connor O’Shea to the team, who joins us as Studio Assistant. A driven and motivated individual, Connor has transitioned to the world of photography after a successful four years as a Chef. He has a Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging from TAFE NSW Ultimo. Images for Business is committed to giving young people a foot in the door, alongside training and practical experience in an industry dominated by freelancing.

Read more about Connor here, or view his LinkedIn profile.


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