Images for Business goes Head On

Photographers Chris Shain and Simon Anders of Images for Business both recently received the honour of being exhibited in the 2019 Head On Photographic Festival in Sydney.


Chris Shain of Images for Business’ photograph from ADDON, Head On Photo Festival 2019, abstract aerial image of tree.


Chris Shain participated in ADDON 2019, one of the core events of the Head On Photo Festival. ADDON works on the concept of anonymity. Images are displayed without any titles, descriptions or photographer credits, leaving the viewer to interpret the pictures and discover the meanings and stories within them. In all, 100 images were displayed at 541 Art Space on Kent St in Sydney.


Simon Anders of Images for Business’ photograph from Project Street 7:30, Head On Photo Festival 2019, Front façade of the Art Gallery of NSW motion blurred using a 24mm shift lens


Simon was a participant in the Project Street 7:30 Sydney Challenge. This project involves 30 photographers, each of whom were tasked with creating a Sydney street image within four hours – beginning at 7:30 am on the 18th of May. The photographers then reconvened to edit and print their favourite image of the morning. An exhibition of the selected photographs opened at 6:30 pm the same day. The prints were auctioned with all proceeds going to the Sydney Children’s Hospital.


Simon Anders and John Swainston, Head On Photo Festival 2019. Photo by Craig Wetjen



Hanging of prints in the Project Street 7:30 exhibition, Head On Photo Festival 2019


The Head On Photographic Festival is Australia’s largest photographic event. From its inception in 2004, it has grown year on year to become one of Sydney and Australia’s most significant arts events. In 2019, Head On exhibited the work of 900 artists across 157 events within 89 venues.