Documenting the development of the Westconnex M8

Transurban recently produced an end-of-project book titled ‘Delivering the WestConnex M8 – Shaping Sydney’s Future‘, which documents the construction of the WestConnex M8 tunnel.

Images for Business were engaged to deliver various services throughout the project, which took five years to complete, including long-term time-lapse, still photography and videography.

Many of our images have been used in the book showcasing the M8 tunnel both during the construction phase and upon completion, with high-quality architectural images of the completed asset gracing the cover and full-page spreads in the book.

Sydney’s M8 Motorway consists of twin 9km road tunnels between Kingsgrove and St Peters. Eighteen thousand workers spent a combined 21 million hours working to deliver this world-class piece of infrastructure.




“Working on documenting the M8 is a highlight of my career so far as a corporate and industrial photographer,” said Images for Business Senior Photographer Simon Anders. “From visualising the end result prior to commencement in order to find the best time-lapse camera locations to filming the first cars travelling through, flying over the project in a helicopter to shooting architectural images of the completed tunnel and buildings. A lot of my favourite images from the last few years have been of this project.”

Producing an end-of-project book that takes a retrospective look at a project, especially one such as the WestConnex M8 tunnel, not only showcases a project but represents the collective drive of everyone who was involved over the years. It provides a historical visual glimpse of the project for future generations.



“Not enough people take the time to create end-of-project books; it’s a great way to thank everyone who worked on the project and provides a lasting, easily flicked-through memory of how a project evolves from start to finish,” said Simon.

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