Architectural Restoration of St John’s College Library

Images for Business has recently completed a project to document the completed architectural restoration of the Library at the historic St John’s College.

The work was undertaken for the project architect, Hector Abrahams Architects.

St John’s College is located within the grounds of The University of Sydney. The library is part of the original college construction, completed more than 150 years ago. The Library, along with the Philosophical Room at its entrance are part of architect William Wardell’s original vision.

The project aimed to improve the contemporary utility of the library and celebrate the heritage value of the space.

Images for Business was commissioned to photograph the finished works to record its design, construction and the additional fittings in exquisite detail.

The project required a deep understanding of the architect’s vision and works as well as close collaboration with St John’s College. Careful attention was paid to the needs of the 200 college residents who are the current custodians of the college’s rich academic history.

“Working on projects of this type always require a unique type of creativity”, said project Architect Hector Abrahams. “Historical spaces carry barriers to modern utility and require genuine respect for the heritage value, and the work of the original architect and craftsman. The best result comes from a design that works seamlessly as a modern facility while fitting perfectly with the historical design and workmanship”.

“We chose to work with Images for Business because they always work to understand us and the aims of the project and the value that we add. We can trust them to work efficiently with us and respectfully with our clients. And most of all, their work is always of a standard we are pleased to be associated with”.

The Images for Business project involved architectural photography of the spaces, restoration works, new fittings and design details.

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Project Architect: Hector Abrahams Architects