Communicating Architecture Through an Inspiring Image

“Dealing with architecture brings me very close to the state of mind required to make pictures. One also needs an old seeing eye, appropriate reflexes which embrace sensitive observations coupled with appropriate emotional responses.”

 – Max Dupain (1911-1992)

Australian modernist photographer Max Dupain was the photographer of choice for many architects including JØrn Utzon who designed the Sydney Opera House and Harry Seidler. His architectural images show his interest in light and shade, strong lines and unusual angles.

“Dupain’s images also reveal what every architectural photographer knows is the decisive moment. That split second of time when the substance and the detail of the architectural subject are brought to life,” says Chris Shain, photographer and co principal of Images for Business.

“Dupain is certainly a huge influence to the way my partner Stephen (Stephen Antonopoulos, photographer and co principal of Images for Business) and I think about our approach to the photography of an architectural assignment. Like Dupain we also know that the decisive moment doesn’t happen without earnest pre planning of the shot and the particular assignment beforehand. Our clients certainly appreciate the collaborative and detailed approach we take to our work.”

Examine the image at the top (created for DEM and The Reserve Bank of Australia) and you’ll see we’ve used an intense sky to create a dramatic tension to the pronounced angulation and crisp muted colour of the building. We’ve acknowledged the symmetrical principles that architecture is built on to capture the same and so craft a particularly strong and compelling image.

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