Time-Lapse photography is an ideal and very creative medium through which to communicate the progress of a sophisticated infrastructure project or some special attributes of an object or task.

Often we are asked to provide time-lapse image services in conjunction with a photography brief for still images.

Images for Business provide both short term and long term, time-lapse photography services through one or more specialised high resolution cameras that can record specific aspects of a project over one a day, a month or even a year or more.

In large-scale projects in Industry, Infrastructure, Construction, Engineering and Architecture, time-lapse can support; the monitoring of OH&S compliance and plant usage; the resolution of disputes; the collaboration of staff, contractors and consultants; and the communication of progress to stakeholders and media. Images are recorded remotely and can therefore be accessed by clients during the course of the project.

For small-scale projects, or where time-lapse is used in conjunction with still images, a few seconds or minutes of compelling time-lapse images can be shown to demonstrate one or more particular aspects of a project. This is particularly helpful in showcasing work or a project at a trade show for example or other opportunities in front of potential clients.

The secret to good time-lapse results is in the attention to detail in postproduction. We continuously invest in technology to craft the most compelling time-lapse results for our clients.