InvoCare: Case Study

Project: Various
Client: InvoCare

InvoCare is an Australian public company and the largest operator of funeral homes and cemeteries and crematoria in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It has over 250 funeral homes and 14 cemeteries and crematoria.

Images for Business has worked with InvoCare since its public listing in 2002 on a diverse range of regular and occasional projects including: images to illustrate the cremation process; twilight images of cemeteries; flower and garden images from its diverse gardens and parklands; architectural images of its buildings including the two art deco heritage buildings at Rookwood and Northern Suburbs Crematoria, Sydney; corporate portraits and images for annual reports, coffin catalogues and fleet archives.

Sensitive to the potential intrusiveness of a camera at the time of a funeral service or meeting with a grieving family the logistics of access can be difficult and often suddenly changing.

A project of which we are especially proud is the photography of the Sydney hearse and morning car fleet – some 50 branded vehicles and drivers. Our knowledge of InvoCare’s properties assisted in the recommendation of the location for the shoot. As Images for Business has an EWP license, hiring and using a cherry picker was easy. And so too was the three hours manoeuvring all the vehicles into position because of the preplanning we had done. Whilst the primary purpose was to photograph the complete fleet we were also able to get images of the individual brands. All up a great result.

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